June 2020
Dear Current Property Owners    & Campers:

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic restrictions in 2020 there will not be a Spring meeting. Current committee members and officers will attempt to monitor the situation throughout the summer and regular activities will be decided upon as the dates arise. 

During this time, committee members will continue to make every effort to improve our investment in 
our lake property. We ask that property owners, campers, and those individuals wanting to become 
members or remain    members of POOPLA pay the $40.00 annual dues for 2020. These dues have helped and will  continue to pay for various items:   the purchase of calcium chloride for  dust control, garbage disposal fees at the dump on Clean Up Day, monthly light pole expenses with  Clearwater Polk Electric Cooperative, walleye stocking fees paid to the MN Department of Natural  Resources, donation to the Gonvick Lions Club for assistance with the aeration of the lake to  preserve our lake habitat, and  a donation to the Gonvick Fire Department for their continued coverage and  protection of our properties in the event of fire, medical, or tornado disasters.  They also    monitor and provide siren warnings for Pine Lake property owners & campers during bad weather  situations.

The People Of Our Pine Lake Association also continue to sponsor the Labor Day meal & dance, as well 
as encourage the festively decorated golf carts that can be seen on the 4th of  July Celebration.

Last summer POOPLA hosted our second    annual Kids Northern Pike Fishing Derby which had an 
attendance of  28    participants. You can find out more about these activities by following us on 
Facebook and receive email updates.

This year, POOPLA will do their best to continue the regular    activities held during the summer, but may not be able to due to the pandemic. Please bare with us and continue to support the association by paying your dues so we can continue to make the regular donations to help keep everyone safe!

We, as the POOPLA Board of Directors, will continue to promote and encourage the betterment of our 
Pine Lake fun in the sun! We look forward to seeing you around this summer.

Shannon Novak, President                                                                Staci Reed, Board  Member
Jeanne Halle, Secretary/Treasurer                                      Anita Vettleson,  Board Member
Josh  Skala, Board Member                                                            Terry Vonasek,  Board Member
Teresa Schantzen, Board Member                                        Renee Huseby, Board   Member

Larry Skala, Board Member                                                           Michelle Scott, Board Member